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( Download Book ) ♩ Party Favours ☲ Is the truth stranger than fiction A scandalous tale of political skulduggeryJust when you thought it was safe to trust politicians again comes this entertaining new novel of hijinks in very high places Viciously funny and explosive in its revelations, Party Favours captures that heady mix of power and sex that fuels the political process and has seen the end of many an aspiring politician.A new Liberal government under the leadership of Bobby Laurier has just been elected, signalling the end of a decade of Tory rule, and an ambitious but naive young journalist is about to receive a political education Fresh from the West, Chris O Reilly quickly finds himself initiated into the ways of Ottawa Drawn into a political labyrinth, backroom intrigue and ministerial backstabbing, he stumbles across the scoop of the decade But can he reveal it and survive Is he being set up Is there anyone he can trust Will he succumb to the temptations all around him Party Favours unfolds an intriguing and highly entertaining tale of greed, passion and power set against a backdrop of life on Parliament Hill It s filled with a cast of memorable and sometimes strangely familiar characters lascivious personal assistants, dotty Senators, ambitious politicians, over inflated media commentators, Blocheads, failed prime ministers, corrupt lobbyists Like members of a large feuding family, these people are constantly looking for the rewards they feel are their due But they are really trapped in an invisible web of intrigue spreading from the Prime Minister s Office, where, seemingly oblivious to the affairs of state, an amiable if slightly befuddled leader worries about his golf game.Writtenby one who is completely at home in the corridors of power but who prefers to remain anonymous, Party Favours reveals that the truth is not stranger than fiction Don t miss the most entertaining guessing game of the season