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!Ebook ♰ Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture ☣ From the author s preface The present book forms a sequel to Intentions in Architecture and Existence, Space and Architecture It also relates to Meaning in Western Architecture Common to all of them is the view that architecture represents a means to give man an existential foothold The philosophy of Heidegger has been the catalyst which has made the present book possible and determined its approach The wish for understanding architecture as a concrete phenomenon could be satisfied in the present book thanks to Heidegger s essays on language and aestheticsMan dwells when he can orient himself within and identify himself with an environment, or, in short, when he experiences the environment as meaningful Dwelling therefore implies something than shelter It implies that the spaces where life occurs are places, in the true sense of the word A place is a space which has a distinct character Since ancient times the genius loci, or spirit of place , has been recognized as the concrete reality man has to face and come to terms with in his daily life Architecture means to visualize the genius loci, and the task of the architect is to create meaningful places, whereby he helps man to dwell it s a smooth reading enjoyed how it was detailing each city in different way made me go through google earth to feel it though.. gimana gimana, norberg schulz selalu kembali ke heidegger atau merleau ponty, para bapak persepsi fenomenologis juga dalam buku ini, filsafat fenomenologi sangat mewarnai pembacaannya mengenai ruh suatu tempat , baureksa bahasa jawa kekuatan penjaga.wacana ruh suatu tempat ini pernah dan masih mewarnai produksi pengetahuan arsitektur. Norberg Schulz has a poor interpretation of Heidegger, and never questions the methodological move he makes in transforming his reading of Heidegger into the phenomenology of architecture The most glaring failures are his misreading of dwelling Wohnen as synonymous with meaningful living and his ignorance of Heidegger s critique of lived experience Erlebnisse. So much potential so little substance. I have to read it again I cannot remember much I know I quoted it in some papers I wrote in University. This book is a amazing and is now my belief on how we should design the built environment. So valuable To re read Three case studies were considered Prague, Khartoum Tuti , and Rome To understand the genius loci of a place does not mean to copy old models It means to determine the identity of the place and to interpret it in ever new ways P.S One cannot fully and easily assimilate it if not in good terms with Heideger, Hegel, and Ricoeur philosophy.