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^Epub ↵ Where Histories Reside: India as Filmed Space ⇻ In Where Histories Reside Priya Jaikumar examines eight decades of films shot on location in India to show how attending to filmed space reveals alternative timelines and histories of cinema In this bold spatial film historiography, Jaikumar outlines factors that shape India s filmed space, from state bureaucracies and commercial infrastructures to aesthetic styles and neoliberal policies Whether discussing how educational shorts from Britain and India transform natural landscapes into instructional lessons or how Jean Renoir s The Riverpresents a universal human condition through the particularities of place, Jaikumar demonstrates that the history of filming a location has always been a history of competing assumptions, experiences, practices, and representational regimes In so doing, she reveals that addressing the persistent question of what is cinema must account for an aesthetics and politics of space