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.DOWNLOAD PDF ♓ My elder brother, Rama: Retelling of Ramayana from the perspective of Lakshmana ⚆ When I wasyears of age, I heard the life story of Jesus Christ He was told as the son of God When I heard his story, I exclaimed He himself is GOD and I bow to him The reason for it is the struggles that he had to go through in his lifetime and how he overcame them In the east, we had another person who is exclaimed as God The struggles that this person went through in his life were enormous Born as the crown prince he was banished to the forest with his new wife by his own father The kingdom was snatched from him He remained in exile foryears Imagining how difficult life would be in the Jungles of India, another trouble fell upon him His wife was kidnapped and takenmiles down south the present day Sri Lanka The man who kidnapped her was a ten headed demon Rakshasa and the king of the most prosperous kingdom of that time Rama had nobody but his brother Lakshmana The story is about how they retrieve Sita and return to their Kingdom to become the King again, only to be cursed by their very own people forcing Rama to abandon his pregnant wife in the Jungle Lakshman O king of the Gods, Indra Oblations to you Why are you not looking at the humans Indra Ah What use These humans never listen They have become worse than animals and with this intellect, they are destroying the habitat on which they themselves survive I have made up my mind to ignore them and let karma play out on its own After all it is all their doing Lakshman Hey Indra But looking out for humans is your Dharma Not for them but you should be doing this for your own sake Indra Mr Lakshman I am the king of Gods I enjoy heaven with all its luxuries What good is Dharma to me Lakshman O my ignorant fellow Dharma is not happiness nor sadness It is the Kailash which pervades all of this and is infinite times than heaven Remember your heaven is nothing but temporary Sooner or later it will collapse Another heaven will spring up so will another king for the Devas But Dharma is permanent The law of nature is eternal It is Shashwat Indra I know I know Nothing is permanent But why waste the moment I am in right now I know I will be replaced Let me enjoy the time I am here at least Lakshman You may enjoy Indra But you cannot run away from your responsibilities, not from your Dharma Indra Oho Enough of this Dharma talk Who knows what my Dharma is Who has seen it Who knows if it even exists or not Lakshman You exist, therefore it exists Even when you cease to exist, it shall still exist for it pervades the cycle of time Indra Hey Lakshman, In this kaliyuga it is impossible to follow Dharma Lakshman chuckles Kaliyuga for you Indra This universe may be rolling away from grace but you have heightened yourself to be the king of the Gods Why the Kali yuga for you Looks like you have forgotten Let me remind you the story of Satyuga The story of the king who lost everything his kingdom, stayed in the Jungle and even his wife Yet never lost his balance, his Dharma The story of Maryada Purushottam, the best of man The story of my elder brother, Rama BALA KANDBirth in Ayodhya as the crown princeTraining under Guru VashishthaMarriage alliance to Maithali AYODHYA KANDPreparation for the coronationExile foryears ARANYA KANDStay at the Jungle, fight with BharataSita is AbductedJatayu s information KISHKINDHA KANDWe meet MonkeysHanuman confirmsLanka is burntPrepare for warArmy of monkeys