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^Free Pdf ⇰ The Seraphim Code ⇢ Sequel to The Brandywine GameSloane had left the National Security Agency and made it clear to everyone that he was out of it Completely And while he may not have been believed there were people keeping a watch on him he d given no evidence of being a problem Until a KGB agent dies on Sloane s suburban doorstep and someone takes a shot at himNow Sloane s running again, a target for both US and Soviet intelligence services The dying man had told him something, whispered the words Seraphim Code to him, and those are words no one was supposed to hear, words known only to The CommitteeWhile the retired spy runs for his life on land, helped only by his wife Freddie, a Russian submarine, carrying a full load of nuclear missiles, runs silently beneath the waters of the Atlantic, cruising toward an unexpected rendezvous with disaster If you liked The Brandywine Game, you ll love The Seraphim Code