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Just a book for class Helpful strategies, though the technology section is clearly out of date a decade is a long time in the world of tech `FREE EBOOK ☞ Teaching Writing in the Content Areas ⇣ Most educators intuitively understand the critical relationship between thinking and writing writing allows us to express what we think, but the very act of writing spurs a process of exploration that changes our thinking and helps us learn Teaching Writing in the Content Areas examines nearlyyears of research to identify how teachers can incorporate writing instruction that helps students master the course content and improve their overall achievement Building on the recommendations of the National Commission on Writing, authors Vicki Urquhart and Monette McIver introduce four critical issues teachers should address when they include writing in their content courses Creating a positive environment for the feedback and guidance students need at various stages, including prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing Monitoring and assessing how much students are learning through their writing Choosing computer programs that best enhance the writing process Strengthening their knowledge of course content and their own writing skills The authors also provideclassroom strategies, practices, and handouts that teachers can easily use in most subject areas or grade levels From prewriting guides and worksheets to instructional guidance and analysis, the strategies offer realistic options to help teachers tailor writing assignments and instruction to the needs of each class Teaching Writing in the Content Areas is than a primer for teaching the mechanics of writing it is a research based guide to regularly engage students in writing that pushes them to express themselves clearly, to explore new ideas, and to become critical thinkers