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hs bully romance where the main characters used be best friends I really liked this one bc the h was very real she got pregnant in HS and got really hurt from all the consequences after The book also discusses the consequences of bulling not only as a romance device between the mains.This is one of the better bully romances I ve read Loved it A twist on your standard bully romance, when then bully becomes the bullied Loved the chemistry between the characters Had a strong plot and story, couldn t put it down, read in one sitting I have a feeling I am going to be reading alotfrom this author, highly recommend 5 huge stars. #Free Ebook ß The Trouble With Bullies µ The trouble with bullies is they hate when you stand up to themI used to be on top I used to rule the school Then one cruel act knocked me off my pedestal and Christian was than happy to ride me downChristian Moreau resident bad boy, former best friend, now my tormentor Nobody dared to stand up to him until one girl, a bottle of vodka, and a shove changed everythingYeah, that girl was meIf only I had known what that shove would set offA war with the Queen Bee of Meadow Creek Long hidden dark secrets revealed And Christian Moreau moving in down the hallChristian lures me into his game, but he s not the only bully that came to playCan I handle the price of playing when winning may grant me his heart but losing could cost me my lifeThe Trouble With Bullies is a high school bully romance This book features language and sexual scenes If you re cool with that, dive in Amazing ReadFirst book to be read by Ruby Vincent Absolutely loved this one Definitely different from your standard bully romances I loved Rachel, her strength and ability to stand up to those who bullied her, loved that she didnt cower away So many twists you didnt see coming, ruby will definitely keep you entertained Another typical annoying book for me I don t think Ruby Vincent will ever write a book that I won t read in one sitting I got hooked This book hooked me right from the beginning I couldn t stop reading till I got to the end It was very good from the beginning all the way to the end The Trouble With Bullies Meadow Creek High 1 I don t know right now where to start I like how this author writes these books,they are always so interesting and twisted but this book was somehow not my cup of tea In the example of this boy, I couldn t understand him I liked Rachel s best friend she was lovely friendly and loyalThe girl s parents were strange, especially her motherThank you Great Book I thought Rachel was such an awesome heroine She made lots of mistakes but she learned from them and became a different person Christian, just WOW I don t want to give anything away but definitely do yourself a favor and read this book Decent storyMy biggest complaint is how rushed the ending was I wish we got a HEA instead of a HFN I really liked how strong the heroine was This was a really good read I don t think I would read it again, but it was still really good.