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BOOK Ô Soltra The Stone Charmer º New Beasts Old Magic Tom is going home Throughout his quest, he s imagined the day he d finally get to return to Errinel, safe in the knowledge that he d kept the kingdom safe But Malvel has other ideas Eager for revenge, the Dark Wizard has unleashed his latest Beast, Soltra the Stone Charmer, into the marshes that border Tom s own village And as he races forward to meet the next Beast, all Tom can think about is his family which is exactly what Malvel wants I think this book is very exciting book.Beast Quest is the story that hero hunt beast It was very excited when the Tom hero1 kill the witch He is my favorite character in that fantasy book.This story is the Tom fight with woman that make something stone I like the way Tom kill her Use the sunlight, It is the most smart plan I ever read. I liked this book I did not like this book because Soltra, the Stone Charmer, could turn things into Stone I enjoyed this book because Tom defeated Soltra, the Stone Charmer. The read aloud continues My son loves the series so we continue.