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{Kindle} ¾ Sixty Days (Based On A True Story): A Business Trip Becomes His Worst Nightmare Ë For a successful fortyfour year old businessman, a business trip turns out to be the worst experience of his life Everything got complicated when, among the people he met during the first two days after his arrival, nobody spoke English However, he has to fight for the truth and for his dignity at all costs Fortunately, he creates a strong bond with a young lawyer who believes in him and decides to support him with all his soul This international story tells about a social topic and a crime that the United States has been fighting against in recent years, and one of the largest operations in the history of INTERPOL This operation has been reported in the New York Times and in the most prestigious newspapers in the United States, India and Central America The story is based on a real life legal issue that involves three countries If the characters real names were revealed, a lot of information about this story could be confirmed on the internet Having a book based on real events in the category of bestsellers is important, but the fact of telling this story to the world and that many people can benefit from it is not only interesting, but also rewarding Exciting moments of adventure and action combined with mystery and suspense make it a book suitable to any type of audience