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!EBOOK ♰ Once Dishonored ⚖ Bestselling author Mary Jo Putney’s romantic Regencyset series features soldiers, spies—and the special redemption only love can bring A man who has lost his honor has nothing London,As a Royal Navy officer, Lucas Mandeville, Lord Foxton, has fought his share of battles on the high seas, followed by long years of imprisonment But on this night, he’d rather be on the burning deck of a ship than in a ballroom, where it is just a matter of time before someone challenges him because of what happened on the Continent A woman who has lost her reputation is nothing When darkhaired beauty Kyla Douglas arrives, a whisper of scandal ripples through the ton The disgraced divorcee’s entrance is an act of daring Which is exactly why Lucas asks her to dance A couple who stands together has everything Unexpectedly, Lucas offers Kyla his aid in finding the evidence to regain her good name—and her beloved young son Together they investigate the wicked conspiracy that destroyed her life, and in the midst of danger, find a deep love that will redeem them both—if only they can live long enough to build a future together I decided to have a quick glance at the first chapter of this book at bedtime and I was still reading three hours later! Literally couldn’t put it down and I was instantly engaged in both the hero and heroine’s lives They are both considered ‘dishonoured’, and although this takes a different form for each of them, their shared experiences and feelings of being outside society draw them to each other I loved the way they battled each other’s enemies and stood up for one another, and it is always immensely satisfying when a truly horrible villain gets his comeuppance Add a couple of delightful children, a whole host of protective and helpful friends, and you have a wonderful story – I loved it!(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review) Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this book This was a pleasant read with very clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys It did feel that almost everyone was little too nice and that everything always turned out so well But, maybe that's not a bad thing in the crazy world we live in today. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was attracted to the book cover, which has a woman holding an epee That looked promising, I thought It has been years since I have read a straight historical This one really hit the spot It is vintage Mary Jo Putney It is outlandish, slightly over the top, and while set in the early 1800s in England, it is it's very own self If you want a Jane Austen/Georgette Heyer type romance, this is not your book If, however, you want an outlandish/over the top story with a romance plot line with all kinds of other really cool stuff going on, and nice fun characters (who decide to call each other by their first names as soon as they meet), this is just the ticket It is very much in line with Putney’s other books.In this present moment, with what is going on in the world, this was exactly what I needed Recommended! In fact, I might just go off and readof Putney's recent work. Nothing like meeting a new author and becoming addicted, right? How had I not read anything by Mary before ??Once dishonored brings us a story about injustices, about the search for truth, about friendship, love, loyalty and about redemption too.Our protagonists will be united by something in common: they have been banned from English society Her, because she was accused of cheating on her husband and went through a divorce (super scandalous for the time!) And him, for being a navy veteran considered dishonored after escaping from prison where he was.And if both are considered dishonored, why not join forces, right?She took his hand, desperately grateful that he was offering support in a whirlpool of condemnation.Kendra suffered a lot from the divorce process and before that too, at the hands of her exhusband But all she wants now is justice, to have her name cleared in front of society after the lies told by her exhusband, but mainly, her goal is to get her son back But at that time, nothing was easy for a woman.And that's when Lucas, Lord Foxton, appears, willing to help, to face these battles with her, to be the rock she needs to establish herself during these difficulties.Lucas is extremely cute Seriously, he is the kindest and herper person that I’ve ever seen It makes you want to hug him all the time His past broke my heart, but the way he developed after that is really cool I love his relationship with medicine and healing within the story, it gave an interesting tone to everything.The romance between them is smooth, delicate and progresses on each page very naturally.“ I had forgotten how wondrous a kiss can be Though I think it’s you who makes it wondrous I think it’s the two of us together who create wonder.”Something I loved about this book was seeing the partnership between the characters We have Lucas with his cousin, uncles and the group of friends he has, but especially Kendra and the group of empowered women who support her I wanted to be friends with them too, you know?I connected a lot with the characters, with the story of this couple I suffered and got angry at the difficult times, I hated the exhusband with all my strength, I hoped things would work out and I also smiled with each happy part “ But how can I say no when you are in my arms and the most alluring woman in the world?Then don’t say no.”If I have anything to criticize, it is that the ending was a little to fast, and that I would like the book to have an epilogue But for the rest, it's an incredible story The reading is fluid, the plot holds us all the time and the characters are complete and captivating I just loved so much and highly recommend it!Now I just need to read all of Mary's other book series 🤣 Lucas and Kendra could have their own soap opera show with the amount of baggage they each carried and I was positively hooked on what the final outcome would be! There’s a little bit of everything happeningreputations at stake, divorce lawfascinating business there, high societythe good, the bad, and definitely the ugly, a dashing bit of romance, a women’s fencing club! information merchants, and an extended family you’ll wish to have over for holiday dinners just to hear about their colorful pasts! I haven’t read previous books in this series, the matter of which will be rectified sooner rather than later, and had no trouble following along I received an advance reader copy from Netgalley/Kensington and this is my honest review. A heavy 5 stars This was such a soul searing story There was a level of drama that was not over the top, but it pulled the reader in As a reader, I could feel the helpless anger of the heroine She lost everything and then, because she was a weak woman, she was divorced and vilified after having survived what most women would not have been able to The hero is willing to step back and see the big picture and allow her to be justified in her attempt to not only get her name and reputation returned, but get her child back Her exhusband had so many people lie in order to cheat her out of her inheritances on the pretext that he had to raise his son and that he was the victim Not only did he cheat his exwife of everything, he also beat the crap out of her during their marriage This type if book just pulls at my soul because not only did it happen and the perpetrators got away with it, there are people still doing this today I understand that this is fiction, but it is fiction based on what was historically happening to women Sometimes a book will transcend time and this is one of them I recommend this book with a solid 5 stars Ms Putney has proven again that she is a relevant author and does not rely on tricks to keep the readers attention She uses good old fashioned talent and hard work to create a book that will be on many 'keeper' shelves. Once Dishonored by Mary Jo Putney is an excellent historical romance that is the fifth book in the series titled Rogues Redeemed I have to admit that I have not read any books by Ms Putney before, but this book has definitely made me a fan I have not read any of the previous books in this series and I was easily able to follow along, however with some of the characters arcing from the previous into this novel, I am most definitely going to read up on the previous books This novel has it all: historical fiction, friendship, romance, mystery, suspense, and villainous characters that experience welldeserved outcomes I enjoyed the fact that some characters were inherently good such as the main characters: Kendra and Lucas, his cousin Simon and wife Suzanne These characters were likeable, realistic, still imperfect, yet had a moral compass The love, compassion, foregiveness, acceptance, and loyalty between these two couples was enjoyable to read I can't wait to check out the previous book to read up on Simon and Suzanne's stories I really enjoyed Kendra She was stronger then she realized The friendships and relationships she acquired during the course of this book added to my interest I truly enjoyed both Kendra and Lucas's complicated past stories, their flaws, and how they were able to finally love and trust again I thought the plot was creative, intricate, complex yet interesting It kept drawing me in Just when I thought I knew it all and could see where this was going, the author added in just enough to keep things realistic as well as addictive I enjoyed the pace, the wellthought out dialogue, and I enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters I also truly enjoyed the ending It was definitely theatrical in nature, and finishing with quite the bang These characters truly deserved the wonderful (and rightful) ending that was presented If you like regency romance, creative plots, wonderful characters, romance, and great endings, then this book is for you.5/5 stars Thank you NetGalley and Kensington for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.I am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to myand BN accounts upon publication. Kendra has lost everything, her son, her marriage, her life, all because of a lie Her husband only cared about her money and labelled her the black sheep of society As a newly divorced women, ostracized by society, she much fight her way back to regain her honour and get back her son With the help of a certain handsome Royal Navy officer, she is able to face her battles head strong and regain what she loves I really liked how well rounded the two main leads were In most historical dramas, the story very much surrounds their love story and not much else Putney strays away from the norm with success and some fails She tackles issues which are little talked about for historical romance genre even though they would be prevalent for the time I really enjoyed how the author handles issues surrounding Kendra's domestic abuse and the inequality faced by women during the times I also appreciated seeing a community which supports hurt women much like the present day women's shelter Although I did like the deviances it took from the norm, I did wish there wasromance in the novel I didn't feel a strong spark for the love interests which I really need with my historical romances Despite this, I do think readers who prefer arealistic and mature romance will enjoy it. A Fight for JusticeMary Jo Putney jumps right into Lucas and Kendra’s story They find a kindred spirit in each other’s loss of reputation, and Lucas promptly offers to help Kendra regain custody of her son Simon and Suzanne Duval, from Once a Spy, are eager to help Kendra’s experience is tragic, as she is a woman during a time of patriarchal law in English history Thankfully Lucas has the rank, persistence, healing knowledge, and friends to help her Friends such as Lord and Lady Kirkland from Not Quite A Wife It was nice to see how wonderful these families are doing, and how kind they are to their extended family Kendra’s bravery and fortitude in her situation is admirable I was genuinely happy that she finally got her happy ending Lucas and Kendra’s love is the quiet dependable type, with a strong root of trust and mutual understanding A great read for Mary Jo Putney fans!