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!Read Pdf Ü We Begin at the End ñ Right Wrong Life is lived somewhere in betweenDuchess Day Radley is a thirteenyearold selfproclaimed outlaw Rules are for other people At school the other kids make fun of her—her clothes are torn, her hair a mess But let them throw their sticks, because she’ll throw stones Duchess might be a badass, but she’s really just trying to survive She is the fierce protector of her fiveyearold brother, Robin She is the parent to her mother, Star, a single mom incapable of taking care of herself, let alone her two kidsWalk has never left the coastal California town where he and Star grew up He’s the chief of police, trying to keep Cape Haven, with its beautiful bluffs overlooking the sea, not only safe, but safe from becoming a cookiecutter tourist destination for the rich But he’s still trying to heal the old wound of having given the testimony that sent his best friend, Vincent King, to prison decades before And he’s in overdrive protecting Duchess and her brother as their mother slides deeper into selfdestructionNow, thirty years later, Vincent is being released As soon as he steps one foot back into his childhood town, trouble arrives It shows up on Walk’s and Duchess’s doorsteps, and they will be unable to do anything but usher it in, arms wide closedWe Begin at the End looks at families—the ones we are born into and the ones we create Duchess and Walk—and everyone they love and whose hearts they break, who deserve so much than life serves them—will sear your heart in this extraordinary novel New US Pub Date: March 9, 2021*Many thanks to the staff at Goodreads and the publisher for providing my review copy. 13 year old Dutchess Radley is the unlikely star in this sweeping tale set in small town California and big sky Montana Her take no prisoners attitude, along with her wellintentioned vengeance, set the stage for a narrative focusing on family and friend loyalty and the fallout of retribution.“She watched old Westerns, read her books, knew that lives could be colored so boldly by revenge they blackened all the good a person might once have had.” “At times she felt so far from a place she had never been, like home was somewhere out there and calling, she just did not know how to find it.”Dutchess cares for her 7 year old brother Robin in heartbraking and often times misguided ways, and many scenes between these siblings had this reader weeping Mr Whitaker’s other characters jump from the pages as they weave in and out of the story against the wonderfully written scenic backdrops Quite simply, the type of storytelling that makes me passionate about reading Equal parts police procedural drama and love story, I will be highly recommending this novel from now through the March 2021 publishing date and beyond Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Publishing for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review. This is superb A story about a released murderer, Vincent King, who comes back to his small American town His old friends, enemies and ex girlfriend are still there A main part of the story involves Duchess, a 13 year old, the daughter of Vincent's ex girlfriend who is also the sister of the girl Vincent killed Another thread involves Walk, the local cop, also one of Vincent's oldest friends, who has remained true to his friend for the years of Vincent's imprisonment.We see a lot of the story through Duchess' eyes she's a carer for her mother and little brother, and also takes absolutely no prisoners in her attitude, protecting those she loves, but resisting and suspicious of almost everyone else's motives She's a fabulous character, old beyond her age.There is love, loss, redemption, dark humour and a sense of small town America throughout the book.It's not a difficult read, but you have to pay attention It reminds me of James Lee Burke's books also one of my all time favourite authors.