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Lots of great late 90s cyberpunk fun to be had with this one I also appreciated how the author worked in CS AI concepts like Searle s Chinese room. this book is tough there s a kernel of a really interesting cyber narrative in here that i found highly compelling unfortunately, it s about 300 pages too long and full of irrelevant filler, irritating references, long 4th wall breaking explainers, and dad jokes.i can t in good faith recommend it without the strong advice to skim when you recognize the filler parts.it s fascinating to compare it to the much later ready player one which knowingly or not lifts a lot of the same premise but in a much dumber and less interesting way. If I had to summarise Wyrm in two words it would be quite easy, Missed Opportunity When I started reading this book it caught me Although I m not an expert on computer engineering Mark Fabi gets to explain concepts like the difference between Virus and Worm or how a AI works without interfering too much in the narration so that any reader has the necessary tools to enjoy reading.Despite having problems like the lack of a good character s construction or personages who don t evolve I think that it isn t a big problem, the real main character of this novel is the Wyrm and how it him adapts and evolves.In fact, despite these problems it s a very enjoyable book at least until Michael and the rest of characters entered in the Virtual World Role Videogame From this point the book becomes a kind of fantasy fanfic It s like Mark Fabi was a frustrated fantasy author and he obligated us to read his undistinguished fantasy novel inserting it inside his great sci fi novel, ruining his story by the way.And then there is the romantic sub plot, really it was necessary It brings nothing to the novel First, Al seems that the character of Al is created only to please the fantasies of geeks readers, a good looking computer science, how could she be stereotyped In place the Michael Al s love story is insubstantial, Michael hates her, they go dinner and fall in love They have an idyllic romantic story and they broke, because I don t know He treats her like a girl or something like that Deus ex Machina After he saved him Alert of clich and they get back together and she is pregnant I m crying In short, if Michael had decided to focus in the sci fi plot and dispense with the romantic and the fanfic he would have written a shorter and better novel. Old school Tech Sci Fi Good book If you like Cryptonomicon you may like this. This book really doubles down on its incredibly specific interests, but I generally like that in a book And while, when it was published, it was current I actually enjoy reading it now as it serves as a look back into the tech and tech culture of pre Y2K and the early days of the net Some things haven t aged well, the romance particularly , but overall a fun, period piece, geeky tech thriller. I was reminded of this book by Ready Player One s success, and decided to see whether it holds up and somewhat surprisingly, it does Although the technological details are of course rather dated by now, the core idea still stands, and for a work of fiction is references to tech and computer science are pretty accurate Basically a nerd adventure, but instead of dealing with things as superficial references, they re actually considered and incorporated in the plot. I don t keep many paper copied of books, but this is one of them I loved this book It s adventurous, there are puzzles I enjoy the characters I have never found another copy of this book, digital or otherwise, and despite writing to the author, have not been able to locate a copy of the sequel I feel like I have a gem I m hoarding, but would love to share the wealth. I read this back around the turn of the millennium, and I remember liking it a lot, not sure how I liked the characters, but I found the story and world building fascinating iirc This book changed my life I still judge all the techno novels that I read by this gold standard I can t say it is the best book I ve ever read or the most well written but I CAN say that I love this book `Ebook ☆ Wyrm (Bantam Spectra Book) ☚ As the new millennium approaches, cults, sects, and crackpot prophets flood the worldwide media But for Michael Arcangelo none of their catastrophe theories are frightening than the Goodknight virus Michael suspects it is the work of a mysterious programming genius, who designed it to create a computer role playing game so real it can kill Now Michael and his team of techno wizards must descend into a harrowing and convoluted world of reality and fantasy But what they discover is even worse than they could have ever imagined For the so called game is already out of hand, the virus has taken over the Internet, harnessing the power of the millennial frenzy already sweeping the world And if they don t find and defeat the twisted mastermind responsible, humanity will wake from its worst nightmare to find the end of the world is truly here