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!Download ⚖ The Black Madonna (Twilight: 2000) ⚖ Down into that hole You gotta be kidding We all heard what that turnip farmer said about this place being haunted I don t believe in ghosts, but I wouldn t go down in that hole for all the gold in Poland The icon know as Our Lady of Czestochowa commonly called the Black Madonna because of the dark patina which covers it is the symbol of Poland s religeous, cultural, and national identity For centuries the icon s image has been a rallying standard of Polish nationalism, of Polish independence.To some men, the Madonna was a light that would lead Poland from the darkness To others, however, the Madonna represented a different kind of hope The owner of the Madonna could command the loyalty of the Polish people To these men, the Madonna represented power and wealth beyond imagining.It was a question of who would find Her first.The Black Madonna is an adventure module for Twilight 2000 Silesia, in southern Poland, is the backdrop for a quest for a religious icon of great value Was the icon taken east by the Soviets Was it hidden in a cave by Polish patriots Was it destroyed when Czestochowa was bombed Did the NATO forces who occupied the city briefly carry it west with them Or, does it rest beneath the ruins of Czestochowa There is only one way to know for sureOver and above the main adventure, this module provides a picture of life in southwest Poland after the destruction of the war The surviving cities, the resources, the petty lordlings and the major powers are given life and detail From the court of the Markgraf of Silesia to the camps of the bandit gangs from the ruined factories of Czestochowa and Gliwice to the slowly recovering facilities of Raciborz and Rybnik all are described in rich detail.