@Free ò Two Wheels And A Map: A Solo Bicycle Journey Down The East Coast ⚢ eBook or E-pub free

@Free ⚣ Two Wheels And A Map: A Solo Bicycle Journey Down The East Coast â Long before smart phones and GPS devices simplified bike touring, cyclists were crossing the roads of this country, equipped with little than two wheels and a map This is the tale of one such rider who tackled the East Coast in the early s Leaving behind an unfulfilling job, he loaded up his bike and set off, meandering along rural back roads, meeting strangers, listening to their stories and enjoying their unexpected hospitality Not everything went as planned, though Unforeseen circumstances forced him in directions he hadn t anticipated searing summer heat drained his energy and he spent many a nervous night bedding down where he didn t belong His trip touched the tip of failure yet succeeded in ways he hadn t imagined Through it all, the people who crossed his path, sometimes offering only a kind word, gave him the inspiration he needed to persevere Two Wheels and a Map details Bob Neubauer s two part solo bike journey from Bangor, Maine, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida His often amusing observations on the people and predicaments he encountered along the way give the book a lighthearted tone as it chronicles his life on the open road Bob Neubauer is also the author of Alone in Austria A Solo Bike Trip Across Austria It chronicles his two wheeled journey from Salzburg to Vienna, Austria, visiting quaint villages, castle ruins and ancient monasteries Not sure if other reviewer read the same book I did Formating for Kindle seems fine now I liked the book a lot Funny at times He had some interesting experiences and met a lot of people on his ride He does a good job describing people me met and giving a picture of their lives I hated to stop reading when my train came to the station because I wanted to see what happened next Thats the sign of a good book to me.