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!Download Book ♌ The Second Wives Club ♃ It s Ex Wives versus Next Wives in this latest novel from bestselling author Jane Moore a sexy tale of modern re marriage, packed with razor sharp wit and high stakes drama.It s Alison s wedding and she and her groom, Luca, have just exchanged vows and are preparing to cap off their perfect day at the reception But before the champagne even hits the crystal stemware, Luca s first wife storms in and makes it clear that she intends to remain very much a part of his life When the fuss has died down, Alison finds an ally in Fiona, who confides that a few women she knows have recently started something called the Second Wives Club a group of female friends who get together to bitch and gossip about the drama that inevitably unfolds when you marry someone else s husband.The club s founding members include Julia, a stunning self proclaimed trophy wife whose husband insists on remaining uncomfortably close to his former spouse Susan, whose live in boyfriend is the classic widower who can t let go of his beloved ex s memory and, of course, Fiona, whose cross to bear is the teenage stepson from hell and an ex who s bent on sabotaging her relationship Fortunately, the Club gives them a place to vent, and together they contend with malicious rumors, scheming divorce lawyers, and ex wives intent on revenge until they decide that it s time to stop settling for second bestand then the fun really begins Told with Moore s signature wit, wisdom, and sass, The Second Wives Club proves that second wives can be every bit as winning as the girl next door and offers a dishy, unputdownable look at the modern marital love triangle. I took away a star because of the multiple use of the f word, which I always hate Plus there are some overt sex scenes, but those aren t too smutty I just skipped a few sentences.Overall, I liked the book I am not a second wife, nor have I ever been in a position to be one and I am grateful I think the author did a good job in giving the second wife perspective through several different characters scenarios That situation is a tough one to be in, for all parties involved I think the most difficult position is for the children Step parents really walk a tight rope in terms of the other woman s children and how to or if parent them.I would read it again. Loved it OK I picked this up of the sidewalk because it looked funny, but it wasn t It made me angry and sad and I have to hope that the author doesn t really think that that s how marriages, even bad ones, go Or for that matter how people, even bad ones think, speak, and act. Had every intention of reading this as a normal, run of the mill chick lit book, just a guilty pleasure, and I was pleasantly surprised Yes, it s chick lit, but its written very well The characters had depth and intrigue It was emotional and funny and I most certainly can relate to the premise of this book I will be picking up of Jane Moore s novels The drama caught me I am a slow readier, but by the end I could not put it down Great read. Complete waste of my time Dismal shallow women and selfish men But hey it s a happy ending all round. I usually don t read these types of books, mostly because they can t keep my interest for long Especially when they re about couples I ve never been a romantic type, and having kids is NOT my thing, there Julia and I are in complete agreement.But despite Julia s adamant lack of maternal instincts, it s a book about adult women wanting kids Sometimes I find myself thinking they ve got a point their partners are complete imbecils, it would have been nice if one of them at least had a decent guy without all the asshole tendencies and no compassion , but most of the time I just sigh in frustration.Books like these really do make me want to stay single Less drama all around. Must read for second wivesFunny, thoughtful, easy to read book I could totally relate to several of the characters in this book Sooooo good.