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I liked this novel also as with the other Grustark novels I recommend the whole series. &Download Ebook ⇬ Truxton King ⇲ George Barr McCutcheon was an American popular novelist and playwright His best known works include a series of novels set in Graustark, a fictional East European country, Brewster s Millions, a play and several films Although McCutcheon became famous for the Graustark series, he hated the characterization of being a Romantic and preferred to be identified with his playwriting His works include Castle Craneycrow, The Sherrods, The Day of the Dog, Beverly of Graustark, The Purple Parasol, Jane Cable, Nedra, Cowardice Court, The Flyers, The Daughter of Anderson Crow, The Husbands of Edith, The Man from Brodney s, Brood House, Mary Midthorne, Anderson Crow, Detective, Viola Gwyn, and Kindling and Ashes