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{Free E-pub} Ñ Code Name Sebastian ⚣ What happens when an unsuccessful minister who has been sheltered all his life suddenly finds himself a central figure in an international intrigue of which he wants no part The Reverend Raymond Sebastian has been sent to Israel by his long suffering congregation in the hope that he might find inspiration from a modern day pilgrimage to the Holy Land Sebastian, realizing the trip has not been successful, decides to fly to Africa and visit missionary friends there Shortly after take off the plane crashes in the burning Negev desert, sixty miles from the nearest outpost of civilizationWhen Sebastian discovers that the beautiful and competent stewardess is an Israeli spy and that one of the six other survivors of the crash is a Russian agent, he desperately tries to avoid involvement in a world he does not want to understand Nor does he want the leadership of the quarreling and helpless little group doomed to almost certain death in the desolate wasteland It is only circumstance that forces him to take up the burden of the world s agony and in so doing find out what it means to be man and a Christian