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@DOWNLOAD PDF ô In a New Light: Spirituality and the Media Arts ò Explores a spiritual foundation for creative film work and seeks ways to find common ground on which to build creative relationships This title is suitable not only to students and practitioners of the media arts but also to those interested in this aspect of popular culture Terrific little book on spirituality and filmmaking Very theoretical and a shade idealistic, but it bubbles with the heat of first love Austin admits as much in an appendix in which he says he came to the Christian faith late in life I would recommend this book to any filmmaker similarly newly excited about the possibility of their art making being guided by a sense of calling rather than popularity or profit. This is such a good book overviewing the relationship between films and religion The description of the movies mentioned in here is not too specific but not too general, quite appropriate for me to imagine directors styles and spiritual motives. There are as number of interesting ideas here but the book itself never delves too deeply into any of them This is a shame as the author s Christian faith as well as his professional career in film gives him an interesting perspective The brief essays on directors were, for me, the best part of the book.