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Got annoyed ended up just skimming ( KINDLE ) ♷ Nothing Left to Lose ♶ Carmel Bastion is a living, breathing symbol of an interstellar rebellion the only living child of renowned freedom fighters Once a shining example of honor and duty, Darr Handel is awaiting death for the crimes of treason and conspiracy to commit terrorist actsLocked in a small room with the woman, Darr can t believe his luck Not only is she heart stoppingly beautiful, but Carmel has a foolproof plan to break him out of prison if he ll agree to two conditions First, he must help her rescue her parents, and second, he must help train and lead soldiers as part of the rebellionDarr has no problem accepting Carmel s conditions but he has a couple of his own when and if they have the emperor in custody, the tyrannical sonofabitch is his More importantly, Carmel will be his, for however long it takes to defeat the enemy, starting nowSometimes love is what happens when there s nothing left to losePublisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, m nage m f m, f m f with f f interaction