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!Ebook ☨ The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School ♉ Here s a chapter book of contemporary fables about a rambunctious group of fourth graders and their amazing teacher the globe trotting, Mayan ceremonial robe wearing Mr Jupiter that is sure to delight students and teachers alike There s Calvin Tallywong, who wants to go back to kindergarten But when he actually gets the chance, he s forced to do the squirrel dance and wear a school bus name tag The moral of his story Be careful what you wish for Then there s Amisha Spelwadi, who can spell wildebeest, no problem When Mr Jupiter asks the class to spell cat, all Amisha can come up with is kat The moral Don t count your chickens before they hatch Kids will laugh out loud as they learn tried and true lessons in this funny, fast paced book And don t miss the class s continued adventures in The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School by Candace Fleming. Summary from the inside left flap The fourth grade students at Aesop Elementary have a reputation for being Rambunctious, Precocious, Special.Take Calvin Tallywong He wants to go back to kindergarten, but he should be careful what he wishes for When Calvin actually gets the chance, he s forced to do the squirrel dance and wear a yellow school bus name tag How will he ever escape And then there s Amisha Spelwadi, who can spell wildebeest, no problemo She s sure she ll ace her spelling test, but she shouldn t count her chickens before they re hatched Suddenly Amisha is given a really tricky word.Luckily, these students and their classmates, like Ham Samitch who loves to eat and Victoria Sovaine who loves herself , have a dinosaur digging, Mayan ceremonial robe wearing teacher named Mr Jupiter to guide them.I know a young girl who, according to her mom, considers me to be her hero and considers library her favorite class How cool is that The only hero librarian I ve heard of is Barbara Gordon aka Bat Girl Well, I m no Bat Girl, but I wanted to foster this young girl s love of books, so while at the Texas Book Festival I was on the look out for a special book My young friend is a fourth grader, so when I saw this book I thought it would be perfect.I love Candace Fleming s picture books and her non fiction books Her illustrator husband, Eric Rohman is a favorite as well I d never read any of Fleming s chapter books Oh, how I wish I had before I bought this for my young friend and before I ordered it for the library.I know that adults are not the targeted audience for this book and I tried hard to view this as one of my students would The book is play on Aesop s fables Morals abound Even if each chapter hadn t ended with a moral, most adults would be able to recognize the classic fables presented in a somewhat quirky and modernistic fashion The problem is that I m not sure students will get the fable connections Unlike Louis Sachar s Wayside School series, the humor seems to be targeted for adults than kids.Another problem I had with the story and this is totally from the perspective of an adult was the behavior of the kids I really didn t find it humorous or quirky Instead they just came across as incredibly ill mannered I hate it when I read a book and I can t find one character I like.I m very disappointed in this book I m not sure I will bother reading the sequel and I m very worried that my young friend for whom I purchased the book will think I ve lost my mind She may never ask me for a book recommendation again. I gave this 3 stars as I know some of my humor loving students will enjoy the puns I didn t love the book as I felt it was a bit scattered. MY 8YO LOVED THIS SO MUCH HE CHECKED IT OUT FOR ME TWO DAYS BEFORE THE SCHOOL LIBRARY CLOSED FOR THE YEAR AND TOLD ME TO READ FAST A quite clever book for children Fleming makes Aesop s Fables come alive in the classroom for children Kids will love her play on words and the wonderful exaggerations and storytelling of Mr Jupiter Each 2 3 page chapter with its accompanying moral would make for a great bedtime story and conversation started for parents and child. Strongly reminds me of Sideways Stories from Wayside School Each chapter centers around a main character and wraps up with a moral from Aesop s Fables Some of the morals fit the story better than others So far, I m enjoying the book and would recommend it to students, though it s not one I would choose as a read aloud or small group novel Final verdict I liked it and found most of the stories amusing, but I don t think it s a fantastic book Continuing connections If You re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand.I loved Dewey or Don t We, the story of how the librarian tricks her reluctant students into learning the Dewey Decimal system March Madness is a charming story about how pointless and time consuming standardized testing can be. This book feels very much like Louis Sachar s Wayside School series It features a wacky class school and each chapter focused on a different student within the class I do like the format with each chapter its own fable with a moral at the end That, in itself, could be a cool instructional piece However, this falls way short of Sachar s genius creativity in Wayside The humor relies far too much on puns and the characters are one dimensional and fall into school story stereotypes Most stories are funny and cute, but some fall flat and the ones that work are not anything I haven t read better elsewhere Sachar s writing works so well because he commits to the wacky, and this one felt like it couldn t decide whether it wanted to be weird or not.I also disliked the librarian storylinea LOT Naming your librarian Paige Turner is one not very creative thing, but that s not what I dislike the most Creating a librarian character that embodies all stuffy, prim proper librarian stereotypes and then making her skank herself up for a male teacherjust so icky I don t care that he tells her at the end that he liked her just the way she was it s still really gross and not needed at all On another nit picky note, her fascination with the Dewey Decimal System is really outdated and annoying Overall, librarian rant aside, this was a cute concept that could have been better executed. I LOVED this book Fans of Sideways Stories from Wayside School will enjoy this kooky set of stories about an infamous group of students that no teacher wants to take on until Mr Jupiter arrives at Aesop School on the last day of summer vacation Filled with wacky characters, such as Paige Turner the librarian , Victoria Sovaine the pretty girl , Varicella Zoster a preschooler with chicken pox and Stanford Binet the smart kid , the book has many tongue in cheek moments that would make older elementary students laugh out loud I chuckled aloud many times This book would be a fun classroom read aloud, as each excerpt is based on one of Aesop s morals, and it could provoke many fun discussions about what lesson has been learned by these robust fourth graders GREAT BOOK I would rate this a 3.5 We did this for our grades 2 5 book discussion It was a cute story about a rambunctious class of fourth graders who get a new teacher, Mr Jupiter, who is eccentric but really cares for the kids Each chapter is about a different character, and has a moral attached to it The names of the characters are a hoot as wellthe librarian s name is Paige Turner The first chapter of this book hooked me completely wacky teacher with wild life experiences comes to teach an unruly group of kids I m sold The book reminded me a bit of the Sideways Stories by Louis Sachar, and it had the great life lesson piece to each chapter What was missing for me was that I was craving of knowing the teacher and perhaps some deeper involvement from him I do love a good teacher book, though, and this one will go on my list of recommended reads for fourth graders and teachers.