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For a biographical book about someone who wrote, this could have taken a lotproofing and editing I can t recall coming across a Shelton Lea poem anywhere else, but I quite enjoyed the ones quoted in this Interesting incidental insight into the family behind the Darrell Lea company. Brilliant read, couldn t put it down Great book Several of my friends have read it as well I enjoyed the writing style, which wove its way through a moving story of a deeply wounded soul Intense Fucked up Brilliant The poet s life is rarely smooth Shelton Lea s was harder than most and yet he retained his humanity and poetry coursed through him. Beautifully written story of a tragic yet strangely wonderful life (Read Ebook) ⚡ Delinquent Angel ì A young boy was adopted into the Darrell Lea family The adopted children were told that they would never inherit anything from the family but were playmates and brought up alongside the Darrell Lee children that eventually did inherit everything His name was Sheldon and he became a poet in thes The mother didn t really like him He was brought up knowing that he was unloved The author was actually friends with another adoptee, Honey, so there was an interesting twist and lots of inside information that helped him write the story Sheldon ended up being and alcoholic criminal and died young, but it was a great read