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These were meant to be standalone books, so when they lumped 1, 2 and 3 together, they repeat each other a lot. I loved this trilogy about the start of the Texas Rangers Kelton s descriptions of what Texas used to be like are excellent I also felt that he carefully researched and presented both sides of several sticky political issues at the time I really like all of Kelton s books I ve read so far. Classic Western Engaging and a quick read Relaxing compared to the Sanuel Huntington book. Enjoyable read I actually read this trilogy a couple years ago It is a bit slow at times, but overall not a bad set of books I found the historical aspects were good and the story very realistic. A compilation of 3 novels by Elmer Kelton covering the early years of the Texas republic from the 1850 s through the Civil war Simply, but beautifully written. `READ KINDLE ↙ Lone Star Rising ⇺ InLone Star Rising, Elmer Kelton A Texas Legend, according to Texas Governor Rick Perry , brings together the first three books of his acclaimed Texas Ranger saga The Buckskin Line introduces Rusty Shannon, the red haired Comanche captive rescued and adopted by Mike Shannon, who is a member of a Texas ranging company that protects settlers from Indian raids In the throes of the War Between the States, Rusty joins the Rangers and searches for the renegades who killed his adoptive fatherIn Badger Boy, the Rangers are disbanded and Rusty returns to his home on the Red River only to discover that the girl he loves has married another In a time of personal turmoil as well as the post war uphheaval in Texas, Rusty s childhood returns to haunt him as he rescues Andy Pickard, called Badger Boy by his Comanche captorsAndy and Rusty ride together in the newly reformed Rangers in The Way of the Coyote, in a time when Texas is overrun with outlaws, Confederate raiders, Ku Klux Klansmen, and marauding Comanches