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return return rather a nice story, Lovejoy being much like the lovable rogue played by Ian McShane on TV than the duplicitous psychopath of the earlier books Here he falls in with a Scottish landed family who have fallen on hard times, via a spell working in a circus, and sorts out their financial problems and dark long held secrets He also of course gets lots of intimate but not very explicitly described female companionship I think the word breast is used at one point, which is almost shocking It s a pleasant read than many of the books, but also a bit less demanding. Dodgy antiques dealer Lovejoy once finds himself getting involved in murder and mayhem revolving around antiques yet another acquaintance of his is murdered this time he travels to Scotland with a circus and then helps an impoverished highland family raise some money so they can hang onto the ancestral home as usual there are lots of interesting snippets about antiques and their value, and also of course how to carry out various forgeries etc Also as usual, every woman lovejoy meets throws herself at him, he has a level of success with women that makes james Bond look like a mere beginner by comparison this is one of the most amusing of the series i have read so far, Lovejoy never fails to entertain. The capers of a seedy antiques dealer in England We learn many useful tips if you want to make two antique restored cabinets out of one, or get your odds and ends into a catalogued sale at a gentleman s mansion, for instance There is as always some mystery and connivance going on, but the gypsyish Lovejoy has a good heart and his cheery, chatty asides to the reader make us well disposed towards him and his friends, even if they are con artists. Love this series This one is a fun one, Lovejoy finding all sorts of troubles and stirring them up until they converge on him Of course, he comes out safe but broke at the end. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ☭ The Tartan Sell ♶ Lovejoy is in the Highlands seeking the rare and the beautiful and looking for antiques as well.Maybe it s because he s so good with fakes and women and so bad with taxes, but Lovejoy s antiques business is always getting him into trouble with the law This time it starts with a bureau that he ordered from Scotland It s supposed to be a fake, but when the truck driver is killed and the bureau turns out to be real, Lovejoy sets out for Scotland to find out what s going on Soon he s mixed up with the McGunn clan and their beautiful leader, the wheelchair bound Miss Elaine and he s pulling off the biggest scam of his career. I m afraid I found this book to be somewhat on the boring side and I found myself skipping over quite a bit towards the end I didn t find this book as interesting antique wise as previous entries nor did I enjoy the mystery part of it either.