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@Read Epub õ Engaging Physicians: A Manual to Physician Partnership é A Proven How to Manual to Build Physician Partnership and Create a Performance CultureEngaging Physicians A Manual To Physician Partnership, a new book by Dr Stephen C Beeson, is a tested, staged approach to create physician loyalty, improve physician partnership and generate superior organizational performance Dr Beeson, author of the best selling, Practicing Excellence, A Physicians Manual to Exceptional Health Care, and Medical Director of Studer Group, brings a simple and specific approach to getting physicians on board, and engaging physicians in healthcare performance efforts The intention of this manual is to help leaders and physicians care for the patient above all else, and to make the pursuit of saving lives and making a difference our shared purpose, says Dr Beeson When you can stand together, side by side with physicians, and when physicians become champions for the mission, your organization will become unstoppable Engaging Physicians is filled with tactical tools to help leaders partner with the most pivotal players in the system and shows leaders how to Create and boldly project a compelling organizational visionAssemble a high performance leadership structure, built to achieve outcomes based on a proven evidence based leadership modelSelect, develop and activate effective physician champions to lead changeTrain and develop physicians using proven behaviors that dramatically improve clinical care and the patient experienceUse performance feedback and data reporting to physicians to drive and improve quality and service outcomesCreate, communicate and implement physician behavioral standards consistent with an organizational visionManage disruptive physicians in a proactive, fair and consistent mannerRecognize physicians in a way that generates physician organizational loyalty