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Pretty good bear info book, wonderful pictures and the sad truth of what is happening to the world s wild bears that may be gone soon if we people keep acting the same way we ve been acting. (Download Pdf) ⚾ Bear Almanac ⚛ The bears of the world from the polar bears of the Arctic, the grizzlies of Yellowstone, and the black bears that roam America s eastern woodlands, to the giant panda, the sun bear of Asia, and the Andean bear of South America are among the most studied, and most loved, of all wild creatures In this revised and updated edition of the popular reference, Gary Brown collects what is known about the world s bears, presenting in words and stunning full color photographs a complete factual compendium of bear knowledge for the amateur naturalist and the bear specialist alike The Bear Almanac is for anyone who has ever paused to wonder at both the might and the mind of the bear Beyond their well known, imposing physical traits, these generally shy creatures command the ability to learn rapidly and to reason In addition to addressing such topics as bear physiology, social behavior, habitats, and distribution patterns, this unique and comprehensive resource lists endangered bears by state and covers a breadth of other bear related topics, such as the effects of war on bears, famous automobiles named after them, bears as pets, bear hunting, tourism and bears, and what to do if you meet up with one This edition also discusses newsworthy bear events including the classification of the polar bear as an endangered species and includes the latest information on the shifting range and behaviors of particular species due both to climate change and human encroachment on bear country