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I loved these books ever since I got the first one at the Scholastic book fair I remember begging my mom to buy me the newest one when ever it came out I have half the collection that is still in great condition, but the other half I lost because I had a mean friend that never game me back the others that she borrowed. A little juvenile but cute. I loved Fight For Life The fact that it was a little sad, made itinteresting than other books Homeless, in my opinion did not quite live up to fight for life s reputation I have not read trickster, but all in all, I totally recommend this series. I think this chapter book was average It wasn t really great but it wasn t really bad I also think I should have chosen a different book because it was way below my reading level Overall I liked the plot about how they saved the animals and Maggie fixed all of the issues in her life. Read this in 5th grade and fell in love with it I can still recall a large portion of the book It is a great book to teach kids about how animals get abused and about puppy mills without scarring them. in my version of this one it was only fight for life, so this is what my review is about I think fight for life was very sad, but the author was at least not biased and made it funny as well as sad it was ok Awesome read all 1 I think 15 books In this series &Download Kindle ⇔ Vet Volunteers Books 1-3: Fight for Life / Homeless / Trickster ✘ The Vet Volunteers are a group of ordinary kids with a special job helping animals at a veterinary clinic From saving puppies in Pennsylvania to helping manatees in Florida, the Vet Volunteers work with all kinds of animals and have great times with their best friends Fight for Life Maggie MacKenzie is great with dogs, but her homework is out of control Dr Mac, her veterinarian grandmother, puts her on a short leash until her grades improve Four new volunteers show up to help Gran in the clinic, but none of them knows a boxer from a pug When the clinic is flooded with sick and dying puppies, Maggie has to find a way to help, no matter what Gran says Maggie is sure it can t be a coincidence somebody must be running a puppy mill If she doesn t find it soon, puppies will die Homeless Cats love Sunita Patel, and she loves them back Since her mother won t let her have a kitty of her own, finding a feral cat colony is a dream come true But Animal Control is going to destroy all of the cats unless Sunita does something drastic If she can tame one of the wild cats, maybe she can save them all Then disaster strikes and Sunita is rushed to the hospital What will happen to the cats now Trickster David Hutchinson is a funny, goofy guy who is always looking for the easy way out of his chores He also has a gift with horses When he meets Trickster, a high spirited chestnut gelding recuperating from an accident, David vows that he will one day ride him But his reputation for messing up gets in the way of his dream Things go from bad to worse when a mysterious illness races through the stables Can David find a way to help Trickster survive I have only read Fight For Life but this book was the best one i have ever read I hope i will like the rest the same as I liked this one. i went to read this book.bec i do