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It is really really good!!!!!!!!! I like a manga that have making effort and friendship, so Kurokono Basket is completely my type I think the most interesting part of vol 2 was the scene of basketball ! The drawing is amazing! I can feel as same things as characters They were very strong and positive! I I want to know the winner of the match as soon as possible! 3.5 starsAt first I wasn’t really enjoying it, but theI read theentertaining the story became!I usually read mangas super fast but with this one I couldn’t, it’s actually a funny story My grandma came to visit and just casually took the manga and read it, just like that, so yep I had to wait for my grandma to finish it lol.I really like Kuroko He’s such an adorable character!I actually love the way both sport mangas and animes get me so engaged with the competitions I mean I am a very competitive person in real life and sport themed stories always connect with my destroying the competition spirit That sounded really weird, but c’mon, I can’t be the only one who loves it when a story uses tournaments and competitions as the main plot point, right?Also this environment creates an amazing tension between characters and that’s always been the reason why I can’t help but ship everyone in sport themed mangas and animes.Anyway, it’s a really entertaining story! There was a team of basketball players from Teiko Middle School that were so skilled in basketball that they were called the Generation of Miracles Each of them has a unique ability that made them dominate in their chosen field They practically DEMOLISHED every other team there is and were always first So it was natural that every high school wanted a member from this team to go to their school upon their graduation.The story begins when the basketball club of Seirin High School was looking for freshmen to join their ranks They had left a signup sheet in their recruitment table and were delighted to see that someone from Teiko Middle School had written his name Who was this Tetsuya Kuroko? Not to mention a tall freshman from America with lots of potential wrote his name too The basketball club excitedly waited for their first meeting.When the that time finally came, they found out that the Tetsuya Kuroko that they had such high hopes for was a short, weak, and easy to miss guy They were all disappointed Until he showed HIS unique ability Apparently, his lack of presence allows him to go unnoticed by his opponents, allowing him to make passes and steals that were virtually unstoppable He is the perfect support type, which is why he managed to hold his own in the team of Teiko Middle School despite his dismal shooting skills and blocking He proclaims that Kagami will be his new light, the person he will help to achieve greatness, since he is but a shadow This duo then prepares to face the trials they will have to face to defeat the other members of the Generation of Miracles and put Seirin at the top.I had never really liked stories that involved basketball I didn't like Slam Dunk Although there were parts that were funny, they certainly did NOT make up for the boring basketball bits I mean, seriously, how long can you stay in midair thinking about your coach? But Kuroko's Basketball was different Why?First of all, the characters were unique and totally loveable I could not help but care for almost all of the characters I encountered in this manga Here are my favorites:1 Tetsuya Kuroko (I know, but he's great! And cute I can sort of understand Momoisan's feelings for him although one of her reasons was utterly ridiculous)2 Ryota Kise (he's funny, handsome, talented, thoughtful, and kind the perfect combination!)3 Shintaro Midorima NOT YET INTRODUCED HERE! (he hardly fails to make me laugh when he starts with his inane horoscope stuff! He's also good at basketball and he's nice in a very weird way XD)4 Tatsuya Himuro NOT YET INTRODUCED(very friendly and cool)5 Seijiro Akashi NOT YET INTRODUCED (he scares me but I still like him)6 Shun Izuki (usually the straight man if he's not spouting his puns)7 Teppei Kiyoshi (his stupidity is amusing and he's a little cute)8 Kazunari Takao NOT YET INTRODUCED (his friendship with Midorima is really tight)9 Shoichi Imayoshi NOT YET INTRODUCED (I also don't know why I like him)10 Shinji Koganei (he's cuuute!)Their character developments were wonderful too! (Oh, and sorry Kagami, you're not in the list! I like you but I don't like you enough to be in my top ten!)Second, the way the story flowed was wellmade It gave brief reprieves from basketball periodically (which is why I never got bored) and showed a lot of interactions between characters And those interactions are hilarious!Lastly, the ridiculousness of the abilities that keep you wantingIt reminds me of Prince of Tennis, their skill in basketball The awesomeness of the Generation of Miracles is great to watch in of itself.READ IT!!! Okay, honestly, Sophie: a BASKETBALL series? That's what I've been asking myself ever since watching the first episode of the anime, after which I was completely sucked it I watched the whole season in one week (which is really fast for me when it comes to watching anime) and afterwards I decided I wanted to read the manga, too The anime followed the manga pretty closely, so it was a bit repetitive for me and nowhere near as excting as watching the anime was (with the exception maybe of the Aomine/Kise match, that was still exciting and I was rooting for the losing team again) but once I got to the unknown parts it got really suspenseful again The matches are really exciting and there is enough explanation that even I understand what's going on (though I hope no one ever asks me what a double clutch is) But like with any great series the characters are what make or break it and dear god believe me that I love just about every single one of them so far and they're so many!At the heart of it are of course Kagami and Kuroko Seirin's light and shadow Together they make a pact to defeat the generation of miracles a group of insanely strong players who were on the same team as Kuroko during middle school But the key point is that you end up rooting not only for Seirin as you get to know the characters, you don't want their teams to lose, either (The match between Shukoku and Seirin was horrible for me because Midorima is my favourite but Seirin!) That also makes it possible to have a bit of variation, which is nice because the it really is in the nature of this kind of series to be repetetive : team wins, team loses, team trains, team gets stronger, wash, rinse, repeat But it really is exciting so far (at this point I've read the first 12 volumes and now I need to slow down a bit maybe because I'm getting overexcited.), and the series has a nice sense of humour And the underlying message of the importanceof team play and trust and friendshipit's just, well, nice.The main reason I love this, though, is (to I am sure no one's surprise) that, well, it has a lot of subtext You could also say it's slashy as hell and I ship just about every one with everyone and I don't even know what to do any Usually I have, like one OTP and maybe a side pairing but here it's like they want me to ship EVERYONE and there are so many! It's quite a dilemma, really And there are about a billion supertalented fan artists out there who draw really nice pictures of these guys that let me forget that they're still high school boy 'Nuff said Anyway, a fun series with lots of slashy stuff in it that has managed to completely suck me in, so there you go I'll stop rambling now, but DAMN was that ever necessary! This is my current favorite manga and anime I started reading it when I came across it while looking for manga in mangahere.com It's been a while since I read any sport manga so I checked it out I was quickly hooked and couldn't stop until my eyes hurt I finished until the latest chapter the next day I could hardly concentrate on anything else It was that good! I recommend it for all sport manga lovers and basketball lovers! So after all the hype, and seeing various people read this, I decided to check it out Now I am not one for sports anime/manga, but I was still hoping I might enjoy this one I heard the epic tales of hot boys Sadly, I didn't really see any hot boys The boys in this book were just not my type Kuroko was just bland, Taiga was just too hotheaded, Kise was just meh Also the art was just bad/terrible.The basketball part was pretty awesome, and I love the coach and her ability.But will I continue this series? I am not sure yet. *drools* HOT HOT HOT! OTP OTP! Its slowly picking up Havent read many sports manga I'm extremely happy that someone has decided to set up a page for Kuroko no Basuke I searched for it on goodreads in January to no success Having added a few other new mangas, I was rather worn for tatter already I'm a keen reader of Kuroko no Basuke on mangafox Kuroko is your no ordinary basketball player He's a shadow He is neither sensed or seen on court or in classrooms, unless he deliberately makes a move or talks With a personality that blends itself with the background, hardly anyone notices Kuroko However, even with his 'ghostlike' personality, he meets Kagami, a student who transfers from the states who holds the same passions as he does on the courts Together, Kuroko no Basuke, is an engaging story of friendship, sports and the spirit of rivalry Kuroko no Basuke further engages readers in the spirit of sportsmanship It highlights the potential of individual talents Kuroko no Basuke never ceases to lift your spirits Anyone can play a sport, whether it be basketball etc., as long as you had the spirit too One of my favourite sport mangas as of yet Possibly 2nd to Prince of Tennis. ^E-PUB ⇣ 黒子のバスケ 1 ↛ Amazing E Book, 黒子のバスケ 1 author Tadatoshi Fujimaki This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book 黒子のバスケ 1, essay by Tadatoshi Fujimaki Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? 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