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#FREE DOWNLOAD Ø In This Life ¸ In This Life By Rachel Carrington This book is the sequel to Choices Alexander is sent back to present day New York by the magical abilities of a ghost fromOn a mission to find Diane O Hara, he s amazed by the sheer size of Manhattan, but what amazes him is Diane herself Diane doesn t believe the man who claims to know a sister who doesn t exist But soon her disbelief turns to amazement as she realizes the truth about the past The sister she never knew has found happiness with a duke inEngland In turn, Alexander has returned in Carla s place In gratitude, Diane offers Alexander a place to stay until he learns his way around the city But it doesn t take her long to realize her generosity is a bad idea, especially when the heat between her and Alex reaches inferno level She doesn t even know if Alex will fit into her world, and she knows she could never fit into his But he can t return to , and she certainly doesn t want him to, not after nights of scorching sex and the realization that she s fallen in love with the displaced Englishman