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BOOK ⚦ Mass Murders (Trese, #3) ⚡ 12 midnight at Metro Manila.Try to remain calm if you suddenly spot a tikbalang speeding down EDSA or a manananggal swooping across the Makati skyline While partying at the Fort, never ever let the enkanto at the bar buy you a drink.Yet, there are deadlier things than walk the streets of this city.One of them now demands blood and sacrifice.When crime takes a turn for a weird, the police call Trese. Probably the best among the series I have yet to read the other volumes though. So far, this is the best book in the series Instead of a collection of short stories, Mass Murders is a novel composed of 5 cases that tell the life story of this series main protagonist, Alexander Alex Trese and her sidekicks, Kambal the half human, half aswangs similar to half human, half god or a demigod Percy Jackson So, shall we call Alex as a demi aswang, fellow Pinoys They have names that are also very Filipino Basilio and Crispin although their mom was not a lunatic but an aswang or a scary nightly creature.Tan s imagination was at its peak while writing this novel I tried to nitpick and find holes in the story but I just could not find any and I ended up liking this book compared to the first two He answered the questions I raised after reading the first book However, he opened new questions but he mentioned in the book s Afterword that those questions, good job Budjette, will be answered in the next book Filipinos who love A Song of Fire and Ice must have no reason why they should not buy and read this book It may not have steamy sex scenes but it has all those blood and gory that should satisfy your appetite for rolling heads Also, similar to Martin s books, the story of Alex is also taut, cohesive and told in a believable manner The characters are well developed and three dimensional The dialogues are well crafted, perky and appropriate I am not really fond of Kajo Baldisimo s illustrations I thought they were predominantly black and gloomy even in those scenes that are supposed to have happened during daytime There was a scene in Book 2 showing a family during daytime and I thought it was good The family members were clean cut and all smiling I thought it was a good contrast to the ever angry, ever shouting, ever dying, ever crying and ever frowning cold and heartless characters.My favorite characters are Basilio and Crispin, the half aswang, half human twins or Kambal particularly when they were still kick ass children They were like flying Ninjas of my childhood days.When Book 4 comes out, I will be queuing for my copy and will not wait for Jzhun to lend me any I just can t wait to find out what comes next in Alex and the Kambal s lives.You rock, Budjette Tan Mass Murders is the third book featuring the adventures of Alexandra Trese, the supernatural protector of her city, one mundane and another that lives within its dark places The third book is different from the first two volumes While those two were a collection of short stories, this is a true graphic novel The five inter connected stories in this book can be taken individually as self contained stales, but gives the reader a payoff when read together This is Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo s most ambitious work in the Trese series by far.In order to review this book, which a productive of sequential storytelling the merging of narrative and visual medium, I ve decided to split it into components, story and art I find that this approach will fit this particular title since both creative chores are handled by two different people It must be noted however I find that their collaboration is almost flawless Baldisimo with his visual storytelling chops does justice to Tan s script.The third Trese book is a true graphic novel, it has a beginning and it ends definitively It is a satisfying read The creative team here shows that they are not afraid to experiment by departing from their initial formula of short stories They also have recurring characters from the previous books appear here, but not in the form that you would expect If this book is released as a Marvel comic title, this would be issue number 1 and 0 The whole book is a prequel of the first two book It starts with Alexandra apprenticing for her father who acts in the role that she will eventually inherit The Kambal are also introduced here as mischievous twins with very vicious streaks They are revealed to have a connection to the main villain of this story Alexandra also receives here baptism here as a warrior priestess and thus the origin of her enchanted coat and kris, which she receives as gifts for her upcoming trials It is during this time that we will be given a glimpse of the two possible futures Alexandra is destined This could be potential storylines to build upon in future volumes or red herrings to throw the readers off track.The art is a definite improvement from the first two books Baldisimo is starting to find his voice The art is probably the most under appreciated aspect of Trese Much praise is given to Tan for the story, but Baldisimo s contribution is often overlooked His lines are crisp and his storytelling skills are solid The stark black and white is appropriate for the character with noir elements.Baldisimo s significant contribution in this book aside from the art would have to be origin of the Kambal There is a deleted caption that was supposed to appear in Book One that reveals the origin of the twins as aswang half breeds But Baldisimo suggested dedicating an entire story for the background of the twins The Kambal become much nuanced characters because of it They are no longer half breed aswang, but something else entirely and something fearsome.Baldisimo s design of the main villain Talagbusao, a war god who feeds in the savagery and chaos of combat, is hyper detailed It must have been a pain for the artist to render such detail every time the character appeared on panel This character appears to be visually different from the characters It seems that Baldisimo uses a different style to make stand out in the panels His work on Talagbusao channels Joe Kubert s Hawkman and Tarzan Talagbusao exudes such power and savagery it emanates off the pages, appropriate for a war god.There are so many thing to like about Mass Murders the graphic novel format, the origin story, the prophecies and the art There is one , that I hope the creators resolve in the future The most pivotal battle in the Alexandra s path to becoming a warrior priestess happens off panel It had the makings of an epic battle, and I feel cheated that isn t rendered in ink.But not even that will nullify the five stars I give to this book Trese is the best Philippine graphic novel series and this is the best volume so far. Originally posted here This volume is not like the previous Trese graphic novels While the foundation of the plots of Murder on Balete Drive and Unreported Murders were based on entirely different cases, the cases presented in Mass Murders were all connected to one another, revealing the intricate web of the Trese clan and Alexandra s heritage In my past reviews of Trese , I have been constantly looking for something to explain how Alexandra Trese became who she is in the present, along with the mystery of how the kambal are so devoted to her in the first place After a year of waiting for those who followed Trese since it first came out in 2008 , or appropriately, 3 days for me since I bought the first two volumes first , those niggling questions finally got answered.I am not going to spoil anything by typing in Alexandra Trese s family history and everything, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this volume This is my favorite yet from the series, and the difference in thickness between this book and its predecessor Unreported Murders only had 88 pages which definitely left me hanging was really good for me who wanted to read of Alexandra and her adventures For people who love learning about the history and background of the characters they are reading about, this book would prove to be an enjoyable one, though like most series books, answers only enough questions to leave you thirsting for I don t mind this, since I very well intend to read all the Trese books in existence Budjette Tan s writing was splendid The dialogue, the plot, the little twists and descriptions, everything , was perfect Gah I can t spazz enough.Another thing If you enjoy reading superhero comic books and the like, I m pretty sure you ll like Mass Murders as well It is exactly as its title suggests There are a lot of action scenes that hardly require any speech bubbles because KaJo Baldisimo s drawings make you understand what is going on at once There s a lot of fighting and gore, which I find really cool because, in my opinion, most of the paranormal stories I ve read have helpless victims who never see the light of the next day Having a strong heroine who the monsters are afraid of is an idea I really love Reading Mass Murders for me is like okay, I was about to say pizza, since after you re done with the whole thing you still want , but I think that only applies to me and other very hungry people, but you get the point I really loved this, and I am in love with the series than ever 5 stars