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This review first appeared on my blog is a wonderful book Gorgeously bound with thick pages and lavish illustrations and photographs, it is perfect as a gift AND to buy for yourself and keep year after year You could even make a Christmas tradition of reading one story a night together in the week leading up to Christmas that s what I m going to do.As with any collection of stories, there are some that you will LOVE and some that are just pretty good, but they all share one thing a nativity plays a part in each story, and they are all full of quiet miracles.My ratings per story Ollie 5 out of 5 starsPoet Boy 4 out of 5 starsOver My Dead Body 3.5 out of 5 starsFive Quarters of a Mile 4 out of 5 starsNativity Seen Smiling 3.5 out of 5 starsSugarplum and the Christmas Cradle 4 out of 5 starsQUOTES OllieWell, this was turning into an exciting Christmas for me a stolen car, an imprisoned family, a crazy old woman, and all our Christmas presents hanging in the balance It was an adventure Poet Boy Since no one could figure out how to keep the curtain from rising for Act 2, the players got into position.Over My Dead Body It was a creche only a heartbeat away from life itself, and all who saw it knew that it was Max Schroeder s masterpiece.Five Quarters of a Mile Bu [[ Ebook ]] ⇬ The Nativity Collection ⇸ Step Into The Wonder Filled World Of Christmas With This Endearing Collection Of Original StoriesEven Though He Has Two Million Copies Of Books In Print, RobertJ Morgan Writes Only One Short Story Each Year An Original Work To Share Withhis Church On Christmas Eve These Christmas Stories Are Now Available In Onebeautiful Volume For Your Own Enjoyment You Ll Meet A Shy, Bookish Boy Whofinds Himself Center Stage In The Christmas Pageant, A Pennsylvania Familywhose Car Disappears On December th, And A Mountain Man Trapped In A Blizzardwith His Grandson On Christmas Eve From Six Different Settings, You Ll Meetcharacters You Feel You Ve Known Your Whole Life, Who Ll Make You Laugh Oneminute And Cry The Next So This Year, And The Years To Follow, Gather Yourfamily And Experience The True Spirit Of Love At Christmas Through Thistimeless Gift Of Story Wonderful collection of inspiring short stories, designed to put you in a thoughtful mood what ever part of the year you read it These six stories, from six different locations all revolve around a nativity and how it impacts a family s legacy I felt personal connections with each of the families and was drawn into their stories, rejoicing in their faith, or return to faith.Robert Morgan writes a new story every year and reads it to his congregation every Christmas Eve It is the highlight of the season, and that is easy to understand.the stories are varied and delightful You find yourself involved in a stolen car mystery that will end up in a past time.A little boy totally crippled by stage freight finds a way to complete his performance and become the star of the evening.This book would make a great gift book It is an ideal book for families to use to st Six wonderful Christmas stories are included in this book by Robert L Morgan stories that you will want to share with your family and friends during the holiday season How can losing your car, or forgetting your lines, or impending tragedy, or a honeymoon, or a carver and a cradle bring out the true meaning of Christmas You will need to read the book to find out Each story points the way to the true meaning of Christmas and how to make the beauty of the season shine through words, giving, and celebration The characters are real and the stories easy to identify with The wonderful photography adds texture and realism to each tale.I really enjoyed reading this book From the first page, the stories captured my attention and I couldn t put the book down until it was finished This is a book I will share with my family during the holidays, and will pur The Nativity Collection is a set of six story beautifully packaged in a medium size gift book Each story houses some gem of the true meaning of Christmas That meaning which we seem to search for amongst the decorations, school plays, and snow every year At first I thought the stories were going to be too Hallmark Moment as staged as the photographs that are sprinkled among the pages of this collection But, the first one Ollie, about memory and compassion, brought a tear to my eye The stories are very quick reads and you might even see the ending coming long before it get there, but they will still touch you One of my favorites in this collection was Nativity Seen Smiling which has a touch of the Gift of the Magi about it I d recommend this book as sort of a pre Christmas gift there is a thoughtful inscription page at the front The introduction said they were read by the author to his congregation, a new one every year I think that an This is another book provided to me by Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for the review This Christmas book has six individual stories in it The photographs are gorgeous throughout, making this book a great gift or coffee table book Each story is short, yet meaningful Even though it is only October, I found myself wanting to get in the Christmas spirit The true meaning of Christmas is to remember Jesus coming for each and everyone of us and all six of these stories remind you of just t Reviewed at Small Kucing The Nativity Collection By Robert MorganThere are 6 stories all in Each were very moving and heart warming Brings hope that there is goodness in this world after all.Some of the stories had brought tears to my eyes, especially the story of Ollie. Robert J Morgan is a Nashville, Tennessee pastor Each Christmas he writes a new fictitious Christmas story and reads them to his congregation on Christmas Eve This beautiful gift book is a collection of six of those stories accompanied by beautiful photos. A collection of six fictional stories, written by a pastor for his congregation, of christmas stories revolving around a nativity Really enjoyable to read, although there were a few I wish would expound on the ending a bit A great reading for Christmas. Six quick stories, all with different styles and themes, yet all centered on Christmas Enjoyed this book immensely.