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It gives a very good idea about the manner of people living at Arabia 150 years ago ! Although Doughty was an extremist to his religion he was fair when he describe the Bedouins and their rude behavior and manners I thought the book interesting (((FREE PDF))) ⇱ Travels in Arabia Deserta: Selected Passages ⇨ بدأ داوتي رحلاته بإسبانيا وإيطاليا ثم ذهب إلى اليونان فمصر حيث وصل القاهرة عام م، ثم عبر صحراء سيناء حتى وصل مدينة البتراء حيث سمع عن مدائن صالح المدينة الأثرية في شمالي الحجاز التي لم تنجح كل من بوركهارت وبيرتون في الوصول إليها، وعزم داوتي على مشاهدتها وانضم إلى قافلة للحج تحت اسم مستعار خليل؛ وصل إلى مدائن صالح في نوفمبر م، واستطاع أن يتجول في المنطقة مستنسخاً الكتابات والرسوم المنقوشة في واجهات المقابر، وبدلاً من العودة مع الحجاج إلى دمشق آثر داوتي حياة البداوة وعاش مع جماعة بدوية وتجول معهم في الخامس من يوليو م توجه مع قافلة للحجاج إلى الحجاز، ووصل الطائف ثم توجه إلى جدة في أغسطس م، وكتب كتابه الجزيرة العربية الصحراوية، ورسم فيه صورة فريدة من نوعها عن الجزيرة، كما كتب عن حياة البدو وما يقاسونه من معاناة وشدة، وعن كرمهم وعاداتهم، وأبرز كثيراً من المفارقات في حياتهم الإجتماعية Wildly racist and full of excessive detail on such as rocks, weather, and baroque tribal formations Doughty was an amazingly cantankerous fucker, constantly proclaiming the inferiority of Arab ways to anyone who would listen, and his seemingly endless supply of cowpox vaccine and other medical gear is, one imagines, the real reason he managed to live through all this There’s some really amazing prose interspersed throughout; you just can’t read it like a normal book. Charles Doughty’s imposing 1,400 page tome is one of those strange books many people hail as a masterpiece of travel literature but which few of those people have read Famous among scholars of Arab history and culture, it’soften been described as “an achievement” than a gripping read But thanks to this well chosen selection from Dover Publications, the casual reader can now enjoy some of the author’s best passages without bogging down in rambling Victorianage digressions.Charles Doughty traveled the Arabian peninsula in the 1870’s, when Wahabi fanaticism was at its height Other explorers had made similar journeys before him, but usually in disguise Doughty traveled openly as a Christian and an Englishman, among ragged Bedouin tribesmen and devious Arabian townsmen, through desolate wasteland where his life was worth less than the coins in his pocket He was repeatedly robbed, sometimes beaten, and often taken advantage of, but he also found kindness, honesty, and companionship on his journey Once you get past the oldfashioned style of his prose, the story of his faminelevel existence and his endurance of climactic and cultural extremes makes for a gripping read.Doughty’s remarkable firsthand observations of Arab life and culture provide modern readers with a window into our now vanished past, as well as a glimpse of what it was like to travel before there were hostels, tour packages, or the Lonely Planet Travels in Arabia Deserta can be a challenging read, but the insights you’ll come away with are worth the effort. A masterpiece of travel writing, a tour de force of adventure writing, a profound philosophical work, in one of the most elegant styles written since Spenser It is very long, longer than War and Peace, but like that work, the longer the better because when it stops, when he leaves his journey in Arabia among the Bedu, you wish he would keep going You feel like you are with him on the entire journey, experiencing what he experiences, the beauty, the agony, the frustrations, the wonder of it all, the death threats, the friendship, the loneliness, the discovery of another world and way of life The Folio edition is a fine one and contains very evocative photographs from the period If you have not read it, then you do not know what you are missing. Doughty's deliberately archaic language makes this book tough going, but his account is still fascinating Harder for me than the language, actually, is his intense religiosity and endless proselytizing (Needless to say, I skimmed right over those numerous passages.) I should probably get the condensed version of this book (selected passages), for I've never managed to finish it and doubt I ever will Still, even just in bits, it's a book that made a distinct impression You've got to admire anyone with that much determination, stamina, and pigheaded individuality, if nothing else. Ongoing experiment I have the book on my phone and occasionally read it when stuck in lines somewhere Any random place in the book is good enough though 2 minutes and you are in a different world A great window into Arabia as it was before the modern world hit it (or it hit the modern world) by the way, I think Lawrence of Arabia met Doughty at some point in England and got tips about the Arabs (if i remember correctly) I really tried but found Travels in Arabia Deserta to be impossible to get through I gave up 200 pages in The book is extremely dry and consists of Doughty mostly wandering around, describing the artifacts and landscape while dropping tons and tons of Arabic words into the mix Apologies to T.E Lawrence, who loved this work, but this book just hasn't aged well. I gave this a valiant try, but his style is loathsome. (1843 – 1926)1888reads like middle class civil servant, a little ignorant, but learningbut such strange languageso archaic