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I enjoy reading Graves books, but found the addition of the photographs to be just superb. ^READ KINDLE ⇳ Texas Rivers ⇰ In Goodbye to a River, John Graves defined what it means to know a river as a real place, as a landscape of memory and imagination, and as a piece of country, that hunted and fished and roamed over, felt and remembered, can be company enough Readers who ve taken the canoe trip down the Brazos with him have long wished to travel other rivers with John Graves Those journeys now begin in Texas RiversThis book marries the work of two Texas legends John Graves brings to Texas Rivers his ability to weave history, geography, and culture into a vibrant portrait of a land and its people Through photographs of rare beauty, Wyman Meinzer reveals the rivers as few will ever see them in person, distilling decades of experience in capturing light on film into a tour de force presentation of Texas landscapesIn essays on the Canadian, Pecos, Llano, Clear Fork of the Brazos, Neches, and Sabinal rivers, Graves captures the essence of what makes each river unique While the Canadian is a river of the plains that runs through big ranch country, the Neches is a forest stream heavily impacted by human encroachment The Llano and the Sabinal remain largely unspoiled, though the forces of change ebb and flow about them The Pecos shows ripples of its Old West heritage, while the Clear Fork of the Brazos flows through country still living in those times Meinzer s photographs offer a stunning visual counterpoint to Graves s word portraits, and, together, they show clearly that rivers have been central to the development of the unique character of Texas