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There were some interesting ideas in there but for the most part this story is formulaic something that doesn t always bother me but this was an extreme case , and a terrible example of misogyny and American imperialism Pity really. `E-pub ↻ The Copper-Clad World ↛ Excerpt as to the orders issued by Ianito They will take you alive and bring you to him You will be compelled to yield the secret of the metal that energizes Not on your life We ll refuse Blaine was very positive Tiedus smiled sadly There is the pink gas, you know, he reminded him No, Carson, there is but one way You must go out into the jungle and hide for a time Dantor will return later it is certain he will be spared And he will contrive some way of outwitting them Come there is a passage Blaine saw the wisdom of the argument It was their only chance There was a blast that shook the ground beneath their feet, and a huge section of the stone door was blown into the room He drew Ulana close with a possessive encircling arm T hey were in a dark narrow passage now, following the whispered voice of Tiedus It was damp and rankly odorous there in the darkness, and slimy things wriggled over the floor, brushing their ankles clammily Behind them there was the roar of another explosion and the shouting of angry voices The guards were in the secret chamber and hot on their trail Tiedus was fumbling with something ahead of them where they had halted something that rattled and clanked and finally came free A door opened into the deep shadowed green of the jungle Go now, quickly, he warned them Hide yourselves as far in as you dare go You will be lost, but will later be directed by a mental message from Dantor I shall advise him from the spirit world We do that, you know, we Rulans But I must leave you now I must hold back the guards to give you time Go, friends farewell In his hand Tiedus held the ray pistol they had taken from the captured guard He would account for a few of the Llotta at least Blaine reached for him to restrain him it was unthinkable that this fine lad should sacrifice himself for them But Tiedus was gone he had slipped away into the black depths of the passageway Come on, snap into it Tommy