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&DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇠ Joseph Smith the Make-Believe Martyr ⇘ Joseph Smith authored the book deserving recognition as America s earliest fictional masterpiece Published in , it arrived five years before Mark Twain s birth, and twenty years ahead of Melville or Hawthorne s best works Yet that star attraction remains all but unknown as worthy fiction, and has been steadily shunned in literary anthologies If such a proposition seems radical, even impudent, I welcome an opportunity to introduce the argument Spurious origins and mystery underlying its meanings resulted in such unpopularity that only the LDS church has dared embrace it Ironically, by buying into Joseph s tale that an angel delivered the book to him, those Mormons may be least prepared to appreciate a literary triumph that anyone else might be proud to endorse Faultlessly composed in dialect gauged to resemble the kind readers might have expected from a sober, sincere but uneducated backwoodsman, the Book of Mormon imbibes such constant ambiguity that it engenders dual reality Parts of it that might be interpreted representing pious intent serve equally well for demonstrating Joseph s religious skepticism His double messages aren t incidental, but conscious, cerebral and consistent To crown its glories, Joseph wove stunning poetic passages into it, and likewise identified himself as an adept New England humorist While displaying biblical satire, his book also delivers previously untapped autobiographical portraits In the story s symbolism, Joseph carried his life s blueprint fourteen years beyond his book s publication date His tale s most intimate segments suggest an accurate timetable pointing towards his martyrdom What s not to like Riddles, surprises, irony, comedy, poetry, satire a skeptic prophet pokes fun at theology, presents his autobiography, then ends with a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions Serious while entertaining, this inquiry will illustrate why Joseph promoted his work as a buried golden treasure