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`DOWNLOAD EPUB ✙ Dead Low Tide ↻ Dead Low Tide is an iconic early thriller from John D MacDonald, the mastermind behind Cape Fear and the Travis McGee novels On the coast of Florida, a working stiff is wrongfully accused of murdering his boss and must outwit one of MacDonald s signature villains to save his life.A college graduate and amateur fisherman, Andy McClintock is stuck toiling in the office of a construction company But when Andy tries to quit, his boss offers him a promotion and a raise and then promptly kills himself with a harpoon gun At least, that s what it looks like, until the police rule it homicide with the murder weapon belonging to Andy.The harpoon gun had been stolen out of Andy s garage, and the boss s wife makes the outrageous claim that she and Andy were having an affair He s been set up To clear his name, he ll have to find the real killer But Andy soon discovers that he s up against than a two bit thief he s been targeted by absolute evil, a monster with no compassion for his fellow man.