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[[ Read E-pub ]] ì Mothers of Influence µ Mom, You are Making a Difference Do you ever feel like life is so busy and you re just barely holding it all together You wonder, Am I really making a difference here, because I can t see that I am In your heart you want to make the kind of contribution that changes your world, but the daily challenges of life and the daunting tasks of motherhood often cloud the fact that your life and sacrifices are having a tremendous impactWithin the pages of Mothers of Influence, you will discover real stories of everyday mothers who made an extraordinary difference in their world This inspiring book contains thaninsightful profiles of mothers who changed the world, and mothers who raised world changers These fascinating stories of women will inspire and encourage you to believe in your own God given ability to make your world better The skill, patience, hospitality, creativity, kindness, and love they show will motivate you to follow their example These powerful stories will help you to see the potential God has given you and rekindle the vision that your life is important I Love my mommy Hmmmm A bunch of biographies about awesome people in history and how thier mother s influenced them to make a difference That is awesome Although there are some silly people in there like REba McEntire, there are cool people like the mother of Mother Theresa, C.S Lewis mom, and the man who write Amazing Grace and inspired William Wilburforce to fight against slavery that guy s mom Cool. I learned that every mother has something different to offer her children We don t have to be perfect in every aspect of motherhood to make a difference in our children s lives God is working in us for the good of our children.