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[[ Download Kindle ]] ß Italian Fever õ In Italian Fever, Valerie Martin redefines the Gothic novel in a compelling tale of one woman s headlong tumble into a mystery, art, and eros.Part romance, part gothic suspense story and wholly entertaining, Italian Fever is the story of the awakening of Lucy Stark, an American pragmatist Lucy leads a quiet, solitary life working for a best selling but remarkably untalented writer When he dies at his villa in Tuscany, Lucy flies to Tuscany to settle his affairs What begins as a grim chore soon threatens Stark s Emersonian self reliance and her very sense of what is real The villa harbors secrets a missing manuscript, neighbors whose Byzantine arrogance veils their dark past, a phantom whose nocturnal visits tear a gaping hole in Lucy s well honed skepticism And to complicate matters Massimo, a married man whose tender attentions render Lucy breathless Smart, sophisticated, achingly beautiful, Italian Fever is one of the most original and compelling novels of the year.