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@Read E-pub × Early Cinema: From Factory Gate to Dream Factory õ Early Cinema From Factory Gate to Film Factory explores the periodtowhen cinema established itself as the leading form of visual culture among rapidly expanding global media, emerging from a rich tradition of scientific, economic, entertainment and educational practices and quickly developing as a worldwide institution This book introduces the student to the study of cinema as a series of aesthetic, technological, cultural, ideological and economic debates while exploring new and challenging approaches to the subject It is divided into thematic sections, each dealing with a broad topic and making use of the latest research in this field presenting both critical and practical advice for the student through a series of case studies Quality Rating Four StarsEnjoyment Rating Three StarsAs I ve found with a lot of books about this time in history, you do getstuff on the context than you do the actual works In all fairness, Popple s recount was a lotdetailed and useful than the other ones I ve found and is arranged in a way that makes it very easy to scan the broad advancements of cinema throughout the entire world at the time. British textbook on early cinema before 1914 mostly earlier Focuses on British Good introduction