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xPPLD,xP .EPUB ♹ Drop City ☱ High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles Drop City was an artists community that formed in southern Colorado inAbandoned by the early s, it became known as the first rural hippie commune In , the four original founders, Gene Bernofsky Curly , JoAnn Bernofsky Jo , Richard Kallweit Lard and Clark Richert Clard , art students and filmmakers from the University of Kansas and University of Colorado, bought aacre , m tract of land about four mileskm North of Trinidad, in south eastern Colorado Their intention was to create a live in work of Drop Art, continuing an art concept they had developed earlier at the University of Kansas Drop Art sometimes called droppings was informed by the happenings of Allan Kaprow and the impromptu performances, a few years earlier, of John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Buckminster Fuller, at Black Mountain College